The Luminetworx reseller program has been created to allow qualified installation companies and sales organizations to add the Luminetworxluminetworx reseller brand to their line cards. As a Luminetworx reseller your company will have access to a bevy of manufacturer provided resources you can see a few listed below. LV Energy Systems is a manufacturer of POE LED Lighting and all it’s associated components. We have not only created a the POE LED Driver but we have created a system that has taken all the guess work of of the mix. A qualified reseller need not worry about having to mix and match component from different manufacturers  in order to make the POE LED Driver work. We have created bundles that include every component a reseller will need in order to complete a POE LED Lighting system installation. If you are interested in becoming a Luminetworx reseller please fill out the initial form below and n LV Energy Systems representative will contact you shortly. 


Benefits of Becoming a Luminetworx Reseller.

  • Exclusivity equals profits, as a certified Luminetworx re-seller you will be a member of an exclusive and limited network of re-sellers in your region.
  • Access to cutting edge technology with virtually zero brand competition in the lighting industry.
  • Priority Technical Support – Submit support tickets through your account to receive priority level support.
  • News & Community Updates – Get social media updates, news, announcements and forum happenings all in one place.
  • Stay up to date on upcoming certification training, events and webinars.
  • Access to exclusive sales tools such as competitor charts, product presentations and buyer’s guides – available in multiple languages.
  • Editable and printable marketing materials, including data sheets, brochures, pop-up banners and posters.
  • Download your Member Certificate and Official Partner Logo to promote your status as a certified Luminetworx re-seller.



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