The Wheaton at Millville, Millville, NJ


November 5, 2021

PoE Emergency Lighting

1125 Village Drive Millville, NJ

UL 924 Certified PoE emergency lighting, That was the call we received. That is exactly what we provided the customer an assisted living facility in Southern New Jersey. The job consisted of installing 100 exit signs and 200 common area lights throughout the facility that would remain on for a minimum of 90 minutes in the event of a power outage. In addition to the lights and signs we installed our UL924 certified battery solution at every rack that is capable of maintaining power for 90 minutes but we went a step further, we automated the system. How exactly did we do that? We used our BMS (battery management system) and integrated it with the Luminetworx™ lighting control system to trigger the common area light to dim to 50% allow for longer battery life. In addition the BMS allows for remote monitoring and testing of the UL924 rated battery system. Want to find out more about this solution contact us now for more details.

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