POE LED Lighting Markets are everywhere, businesses need to remain competitive in a global economy and improve the bottom line. At the same time new government standards are requiring the we lower our energy footprint by adopting green building technologies. Current ASHRAE standards call for a 5 to 10 percent reduction in energy consumption but at LV Energy Systems we have gone far beyond. The Luminetworx PoE LED Lighting system is capable of saving your facility up to 80% in energy costs reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your ROI. Companies must invest in systems that provide long-term solutions to managing infrastructure expenses while creating improved 

environments for optimal health and productivity of a building’s occupants. The Luminetworx platform can be the answer with its POE LED Lighting system, Luminetworx creates a tool that can immediately provide energy consumption reduction and a smaller carbon footprint for an immediate ROI. It’s also a smart long-term investment.

POE LED Lighting MarketsPoE LED Lighting markets, LV Energy Systems Luminetworx allows for universal adaptability in every vertical. It will create lower upfront costs, decreased installation and retrofitting costs and ongoing savings from lowered maintenance requirements and energy usage controls.

For retrofits of existing structures or new installations, such as schools, retail buildings, offices and healthcare facilities, universal adaptability is absolutely necessary to realize the benefits of a smart building.