Why Luminetworx™ is energy efficient PoE lighting? It’s cost effective, easy to install, and a green technology that more and more builders and developers are looking to incorporate into their smart building design. NewLuminetworx™ is Energy Efficient energy-efficient PoE (EEPoE) technology can increase efficiency to 94% while transmitting over the same 25 ohm cable, powering IEEE 802.3at-compliant devices in synchronous 4-pairs. When utilizing synchronous 4-pairs, powered devices are fed using all the available wires. Below we have outlined the top reasons to use energy efficient Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting. 


  1. 75% savings on installation costs over traditional high voltage led lighting.

  2. 30% savings on you ongoing energy bills.

  3. Luminetworx PoE driver power conversion is 95% efficient when compared to traditional led drivers that are only 60% efficient.

  4. All Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting installations come with smart lighting controls built in at no additional cost.

  5. Access to advanced analytics, to help enhance energy conservation efforts.

  6. Sensors and automation cab be used as a method of reducing energy consumption. Utilizing natural light through daylight harvesting is used to reduce electric lighting when daylight, or natural lighting, is available.

Beyond any considerations of cost and energy efficiency, we must not forget how LED light fixtures powered by PoE can be readily paired with sensors, wireless communication modules, and embedded processors. Connecting smart LED lighting/sensor hubs to the LAN delivers valuable future proofing by enabling the installed PoE system to quickly support and take advantage of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) without additional, expensive lighting replacement. The journey can seem daunting; understanding fast moving trends, changing regulations, certification requirements and incentives. We’re here with a proven path, perfectly placed to put you in the know and to make your transition towards net zero easier

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